...why people would even bother spending the time to type up the Craigslist ad. Hey, somebody will totally want this useless pile of crap that I definitely don't want anymore!

Really. Just take some of this junk to the recycling center. That's a legit place for it.

Magazines - craigslist

Survivalist Magazines

FREE!!!! Shelter, Food and maybe a few other magazines like Scientific American, Time, Nat'l Geographic. Great for collages or classrooms. Must pick up.

(No kidding....you just want someone else to do your recycling for you.)

Free snow - craigslist

Free Snow

Some of Montana's best flakes. You shovel.......you haul. Ripe for the pickin. Come & git it.

(HILARIOUS! This person needs a hobby.)

cash register - craigslist

Electric Cash Register

There wasn't any description on this free item, so perhaps it works like a charm. However, one piece of advice...if you really want to get rid of a piece of electronic equipment, take 2 minutes and NOT photograph it on the dirty garage floor surrounded by blown leaves and a filthy rake.

free chair - craigslist

Free Chair That Looks Like a Cat Has Been Rolling on it for 5 Years

Free chair. Holds people well.

Really? That's the best you got? Holds people well. How about "I couldn't be bothered to remove a few piles of cat hair before taking a picture of this incredibly unstylish chair that nobody will take for free anyway. Best of luck to you!