As of this week, T-Mobile's 5G network is live in Bozeman,

According to the official Press Release from T-Mobile:

  • From Chestnut to Gallatin Gateway to Manhattan, residents and businesses in the greater Bozeman area can now access 5G with 5G-capable smartphones and get faster data speeds and better wireless coverage, especially indoors.
  • This first nationwide 5G rollout from T-Mobile, and the network in Bozeman is based on a spectrum band called 600 MHz, also referred to as low-band spectrum.
  • It provides the foundational layer for T-Mobile’s 5G network.
  • Download speeds on T-Mobile’s 5G on 600 MHz will be around 20% faster than LTE on average to start and that experience will improve exponentially over time, just like with 4G.
  • More “lanes” using the invisible highway analogy, for greater speeds and better coverage
5G coverage map - t-mobile

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