If you're the perfect Mr. Mom, don't read this. If you're a guy who lives with someone who does the bulk of the house cleaning....READ THIS. It might save your life one day. You're welcome.

Need some more soap in the shower? No problem. We buy it in bulk so there's always a fresh bar for you to grab. Open said box, put the bar in the shower and RECYCLE THE BOX. Don't just leave it on the counter.

Hmmm. There's a small trash bin 2 feet away.

When asked to change out a couple of light bulbs, go ahead and change those light bulbs. Especially when they have been purchased and are sitting on the table below the hideous light fixture that we can't reach.

I just can't reach that ugly thing.

Bathrooms get messy with stuff. Tubes, creams, brushes, hair dryers. I get it. But when there is a container for toothbrushes and toothpaste, just put them back in there. Easy peasy.

See that pint glass? Riiiiiiight there....

Back to the soap thing. It's cool that you hate when bars of soap get too small to be useful. We don't like those either. But since you have that big, fresh NEW bar of soap, grab those little dead ones and put them in the trash.

Nobody likes itty bitty soap pieces.

The living room is not the storage room. It CAN be for a little while when working on a project. However, cardboard boxes filled with car parts do not live in the living room.

Boxes have a 4 day life span in the living room

We thank you for often being the one to actually take the piles of recycling to the recycling place. Really. Just remember it's easier to recycle if it makes it INTO the recycling baskets. (Note that the basket is below the counter.)

Soooo close...yet...