Most of us are still cleaning more than ever and continuing to wash our hands like crazy. But here's a list of pretty dirty things that you probably touch everyday.

  • Refrigerator handles (often!)
  • Mailbox handle
  • Window cranks or handles
  • Washing machine lids (where you open the machine)
  • Car door handles (inside and out) including trunk or hatchbacks
  • Doorbells
  • Tools you might share at work
  • Cell phones
  • Water bottles (everybody has a metal bottle they're using every day, right?)
  • Keys (how many times a day do you touch THOSE?)
  • Switches (house and garage)
  • Baseball caps (how many times do those brims get touched a day?)
  • Municipal garbage can lid (just where you lift it open a few times a week, eh?)
  • Pocket knives you might carry and use every day
  • Consider washing jackets more often. Coughing into your arm makes clothing now covered in whatever germs you just coughed.)
  • Bedding more often than you usually do, especially those "couch blankets" we all use to just cuddle with or use while watching TV.
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