My growing collection of plastic take-out boxes brings out the biggest gardening geek in me. You can't recycle clam-shell plastic around here anyway so re-use them in the best possible way!

I very much appreciate restaurants that are using biodegradable containers for their take-out and delivery orders. They last just long enough to get the job done and then you can recycle them.

HOWEVER, some restaurants are using pretty heavy duty plastic containers for their take-out orders and I'm LOVING them. They will have a 2nd life as mini greenhouses very shortly.

Many of us have those large (flimsy) black trays that come with equally flimsy clear toppers that you can purchase at any gardening center or hardware store. They work just fine for starting seeds but they're pretty big and I have found they get too heavy when filled with seeded dirt discs. (Did I mention they're cheap and flimsy?)

These particular take-out boxes came from Montana Rib & Chop House. They're very sturdy and although it's hard to see in the picture, they've got equally sturdy, attached clear flip tops. PERFECT.

No matter if you're a 'real' gardener or if you're looking for a fun project with the kids, I always encourage folks to start seeds indoors around here. Really all you need is a decent sunny window and you can grow whatever you want.

I've started just about everything you can think of indoors...even stuff that 'doesn't do well started inside'. Hogwash. Plant what you like. Flowers, herbs, veggies, whatever.

I've started flowers for my hanging baskets such as Nasturtium and they did GREAT. In fact, they were the longest lasting flowers in my yard this past year. Have fun!

Michelle Wolfe
Michelle Wolfe

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