I'm claiming this huckleberry cocktail recipe as my own since I've been drinking them for years and I've NEVER seen it on a menu in this particular form.

This cocktail doesn't really have a name but here's what's in it, served in a tall, wide glass:

  • CRUSHED ice
  • muddled mint
  • huckleberry vodka
  • lemonade
  • huckleberry puree

1) Muddle the mint. You can use whatever mint you prefer but a few decent sized leaves will do. If you don't have a mortar and pestle then just chop it up  and toss it in the glass.

2) Add CRUSHED ice. Very important. Cubed ice just isn't the same but will suffice in an ice emergency.

3) Add a healthy dose of huckleberry vodka....light, strong...your choice.

4) Add lemonade until almost full

5) Add a tablespoon or so of huckleberry puree for additional taste and color.

6) Stir that puppy up with a long metal cocktail spoon and enjoy!

Michelle's fave cocktail
Michelle's fave cocktail



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