As most people do, I daydream a LOT about not working and traveling the world. Well, if you need to kill a few minutes and bring your "around the world" dreams a little closer to reality, go here:

The Bootsnall Travel Network has been a leader in world travel for quite some time and they've got some cool tools for you to play around with. I mean, do you even KNOW how much you'll need for that ticket to everywhere? I do, now. Here's what my current dream itinerary looks like.

To make this crazy dream a little more based in reality, the website prices out the trip that I want (with a couple of city changes) and I get to see the price range for what this puppy would actually cost JUST TO FLY TO THESE PLACES. Here's what I initially got back for my own navigated request:

Now what's even COOLER, is that their software will tweak the destinations that you already said you wanted to hit and then comes back at you with an ALTERNATE itinerary with more cities included (and a better layout generally.) The price is pretty much the same, so here's what they SUGGESTED I look into:

Happy daydreaming and happy traveling! -Michelle