By now you have most likely heard of the funk inspired rock band Cure For the Common. Quickly becoming one of the top bands in Bozeman after winning the 2009 Chamberlin Battle of the bands, CFTC puts on a show we recommend checking out because they continue to get better and better. More inside.

This five man band can take any room full of still bodies and get them rocking, jumping and grooving to the band's funk influenced beats. Consisting of Guitar, Base, Keyboard, Drums, Synth, Organ and Trumpet, the band has a lot of diversity allowing them to play track after track and each being different in sound but still strikingly funkalicious.

One thing that is always apparent at a CFTC concert is how much fun the band is having. You will never feel like you're the crazy person who dances "too" much, as if there was a thing, because each member throughout the show plays and feels the music the entire show.

CFTC's sound accommodates each member of the crowd. Veterans of the band come to each show anticipating a romping good time dancing to an amazing array of music and wonderful trumpet solos from Logan Stahley in songs like "Gypsy Song", which is one of my favorites. Newcomers in the crowd are always pleasantly surprised when they hear the Ghostbuster's theme and sing along "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!" in CFTC's funky cover of the cult classic tune.

Be sure to stay tuned to our events calendar for Cure For the Common's next appearance here in Bozeman. Also, visit their Facebook page to listen to 'em and like 'em and you can buy some nice merch. here.