This Saturday is bound to be a bit funky and a little weird. The funk will be brought by Cure for the Common as they get the crowd moving to their music, and the weird will be delivered by the many in attendance not wearing clothes!

No I'm not talking about a clothing optional or a nudist concert. I'm talking about the Anything But Clothing Party at the Filling Station on Saturday. Concert goers must wear something to cover up their nethers and that something can't be actual clothing. For those in costume it's $5 at the door. For those who are boring and not in costume it is $10.

The limits are endless but here is a list of items I just thought of:

  • Pages of a book
  • Shower curtain
  • Cereal boxes
  • Newspaper
  • Body paint
  • Police Tape
  • Carpet
  • Coffee cup insulators
  • Coffee filters
  • Duck Tape
  • Beach towel
  • Food
  • etc, etc.

The ABC Party is on September 22nd at 9pm at the Filling Station. The bands include In Walks Bud and Cure for the Common.