As one of Bozeman's favorite local bands, Cure for the Common always draws a fun crowd. The funk rock band announced they will be recording a new music video in Bozeman on Friday March 9th and 10th and they are asking their fans to show up to star in the video.

What exactly are they asking of you? Here is what they have on their Facebook event page.

We're stoked to have Joel Martin and his talented team of MSU Film students on board to direct and produce “Let’s Ride” with us. It will feature the most iconic Bozeman sights and sounds, spacemen, a concert performance to be filmed LIVE at the Zebra, Garrett's birthday celebration, bikes!, GoPro epicness, slow motion, and best of all, you!

Friday March 9th at 9pm

Cure for the Common will be opening for the Moustache Bandits at their CD release party at the Zebra. Wear your Cure for the Common gear, homemade or purchased, to the show. Much of the footage from the show will be used in the music video. Tickets are being given away on CFTC's Facebook page or you can purchase one for $10 at Cactus Records which will land you one free PBR and a Moustache Bandits CD! The show is 21+. That's not all because on Saturday...

Saturday march 10th at 10pm

Cure for the Common invites you to come and spend a night partying in Downtown Bozeman as they venture from bar to bar in their iconic Cure for the Common space suits and record footage for the music video. More info can be found on the Event Page