Reports today tell that the cause of the blazing fire at Bear Trap was fireworks and has grown to 2,250 acres. The high winds and difficult terrain are making it difficult to combat the flames.

[UPDATE 11:51] The Bureau of Land Management has temporarily closed all recreation sites along both sides of the lower Madison Special Recreation Management Area.

Smoke is affecting visibility through the canyon at this time.

Expect reduced speed of 35 mph from the warm Springs fishing access at MP 5.3 to the Black Ford Campground at MP 12.0. This is due to smoke and emergency traffic.

[Update 1:40pm] The fire has jumped the roadway.  Norris road is now closed from MP 0.0 at Norris to MP 12.0.  Eastbound traffic must remain on US-287 and Westbound traffic needs to detour on 2-288 Churchill Road.


(be sure to click 'Overlays' and then 'Wild Fire Detection')

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