If you're single in the Bozeman area, the dating scene can be pretty challenging. Some people miss their opportunity, and use Craigslist to try to reconnect. Here's a few 'Missed Connections' on Craigslist-Bozeman that caught our eye.


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    To the hottie at AT&T..... - w4m (Bozeman)

    Maybe you're out there and read this.

    We met Sunday night when I came into the AT&T store looking to split my phone line from my ex's account, but we were unable to that night. You told me you are 31...but you look 21. If I remember correctly, the name on your tag was Tristan. You're not wearing a ring, so I'm guessing you're not married. My friends said I should have left you my number. I came back yesterday (Monday) to pay a bill and you were helping another customer.

    I'm hoping you're single but if you're not, your girl is really lucky.
    You are super cute, and I would love a chance to get to know you.

    If you think you're the hottie at AT&T, click here for more information.

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    I saw you pushing carts at Walmart - m4w (Bozeman)

    You were pushing carts with that mechanical wheelie thing in the Walmart parking lot. Underneath your Carhart beanie were beautiful golden curls and I think you smiled at me for a brief moment while my wife was unbuckling our son from the car seat. If you respond with the color of my Corolla, I will know you're serious. Maybe we can have a nice bite to eat at Daves sushi. Or maybe McDonald's. Whatever you're in to.

    Were you pushing carts at Walmart? If so, click here.

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    Sauna Seductress - m4w (Bozeman Hot Springs)

    I noticed you noticing me. I didn't want to be presumptuous at a place like the springs, but our glances seemed everlasting. What was the big sauna guy's funny story about?

    If you think you're the Sauna Seductress, click here.

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    C'mon Inn hot tub - m4w (C'mon Inn)

    We met at the hot tub. You are from here and your girlfriend was here on business. You were in a blue floral print swimsuit top with glasses. You are extremely cute. Can you tell me what we talked about in the hot tub? Hope to hear from you.

    Were you wearing a blue floral print swimsuit top with glasses in the C'mon Inn hot tub? Click here if you'd like to reconnect.

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