Being in charge of a Bachelorette Party in Bozeman is a big responsibility but we've come up with some good ideas to get you started on the best bachelorette party! It's all about good friends hanging out in a good place...






Just a short drive east of Bozeman brings you to an entirely different town but close enough so that it's not a big deal. I've written about Livingston many times as it's one of my favorite places to escape but I've also spent a bachelorette weekend there too when my crazy friend Frances got married years ago.

The Yellowstone River is there to float or camp. The restaurants in Livingston are fantastic and The Murray Hotel or Chico Hot Springs make for an excellent "Base Camp". Check my previous post on Livingston for more details.






Centering a bachelorette party around a concert makes things easy. The entertainment is already taken care of for you. You'll have music, a crowd, alcohol and if you attend something like Targhee Fest you'll be able to make a weekend of it by renting a room or a condo.

Bozeman gets a decent amount of great music in the city limits so you can also plan to go have dinner and then enjoy the music at The Emerson or something. All you need to do is get tickets in advance for all the bachelorette party attendees and you're done!





If you need to keep things simple, a bachelorette party in downtown Bozeman might do the trick. There are great restaurants, tons of bars and it's very hard to get lost. (Just thinking of your out of town friends.)

Unfortunately, the decent hotels in town are on North 7th Avuenue or North 19th so plan ahead to take a cab. Walking home sounds like a good idea until everybody's had too much to drink and it's a far better idea to just have a sober driver get you home.

The Downtown Bozeman website is helpful if you'd like to check out events through the year. Music on Main, Artwalks or even a car show can be a good starter for your evening.









Yeah, I know it's not around Bozeman BUT we've got Allegiant Air flying direct so don't rule this one out. There are some fantastic deals to be had including hotel on their website. It was only a few years ago I started going to Vegas and now it's my simple "get the hell out of here" trip.

My friend Erin and I have been there twice together. Once for work, once for her birthday. Neither one was for a bachelorette party but obviously all the ingredients are there. Vegas is also a place that you can get away from the group for a while if you want. It's fun to just walk around and see the crazy people. Stay up as late as you want. The non-gamblers can go lay by the pool. Whatever. It's Vegas.





I know what you're thinking. What if some of the girls don't golf? It doesn't matter. Start off with a group lesson then have at it. Golf (in my humble opinion) is about your friends, a game, some beer and getting lots of sun. It DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU SUCK. It's a game.

Getting a group lesson set up in advance will cover the basics. Then when everybody's on their carts or walking together throughout the day, the girls will absolutely get to know each other. It's a fun way to bond with girls you may not know very well. Inside jokes will be created, personal information will be shared and then everyone will have a bond for the rest of the week.

I recommend booking a group lesson up at Bridger Creek Golf Course, because their male staffers are hot. Just saying. But you'll be able to set one up no matter what course you'd like to play. And always make sure you're allowed to bring beer.

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