I have many friends in Billings, Montana and they give me vastly different opinions about the town as a whole. The one thing that all of them can agree upon? Billings has some really excellent places to eat if you know where to look.

We wanted to create a list of higher-end eateries in Billings - restaurants that might be a little pricey but worth the money. My friends and I are food people. Not foodies, just people who love to eat delicious things. This list was put together by a group of 6 local Montanans, 4 of which live full-time in Billings.

Finding some of the best restaurants in Billings is relative - if you're not into steak, French cuisine, or super rich bisque...you may not agree with someone's top pick. There will always be gems that deserve to make a list and don't for some reason.

So know this list is simply our recommendations, all in one place. This list of our favorite high-end Billings restaurants is in no particular order. Some are 'fancier' than others, of course. (And if we missed your favorite, let us know.)

The Marble Table (2515 Montana Ave, Billings, MT): Open for lunch and dinner, but closed on Sunday and Monday. Almost all of us mentioned The Marble Table as a favorite place to eat. Fancy but not too fancy. Really delicious, thoughtful specials are a regular thing. You can tell that they care very much about you enjoying your meal.

The Marble Table offers things we love: Pork fat fried shaved green brussels sprouts, granny smith apples, topped with kimchi aioli & toasted pepitas. Beef Stroganoff has pan-seared steak bites with a mushroom cream sauce over Yellowstone Pasta Co Campanelle pasta topped with sour cream and chives.

The Marble Table in Billings, Montana
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Bistro ENZO (1502 Rehberg Lane, Billings, MT): Open for dinner at 5pm all week long, but a reservation is recommended. Even when I probably didn't need one, I'm always glad I made one. ENZO is our go-to for our girls nights. Classy, interesting, and shareable. We always order too much food, because there are several things we 'must' order.

Menu items at ENZO in Billings: The Enzo Burger is an 8oz. local brisket and chuck blend on toasted brioche, Enzo beer pickles, onion, arugula, tomato, garlic aioli, bacon, Havarti. (I get the fried egg on top. Why not. Get messy. It's awesome.) PORK SCHNITZEL - 10 oz. breaded flatiron, red skin potato salad with fried pancetta and egg, pickled cabbage.

NOTE: In our experience, Enzo is usually quite 'bustling' and fairly noisy. We don't mind that kind of atmosphere if it's us ladies. But if you're looking for quiet and mellow, this place would not be top of my list. The food is really good, but the place is very 'vibrant'.

Bistro Enzo in Billings, Montana
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Buffalo Block Prime Steakhouse (2401 Montana Ave Billings, MT): Open everyday at 4pm for dinner, except for Sundays (closed). It's located in the historic Rex, which was built in 1910. Several of us are suckers for funky, old classy rooms that are filled with stories. Atmosphere can always add or subtract from a good meal.

Menu items at Buffalo Block Prime Steakhouse include: Oysters Rockefeller - Spinach & Cream Cheese, Bacon Lardons, Home Made Breadcrumbs. Prime Dry-Aged Cowboy Ribeye - 20 Ounce Prime Grade Bone-In Ribeye, wet-aged for 30 days then dry-aged for 21 days. Butter-poached Snow Crab claws. (Classic steakhouse fare.)

Buffalo Block Prime Steakhouse in Billings, Montana
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