BBQing, socializing, and grilling meat in the backyard are some of the most popular things to do in America. Good weather and access to some of the best beef and agriculture products, makes Montana one of the one of the most delicious places to grill.

Well, it turns out that someone pays attention to this stuff and has made a list of the Best Cities for Grilling Meat in America. The folks at Lawn Love did a huge ranking, and listed the top 470 cities in the U.S.

We compared nearly 470 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 4 meaty categories. We looked at local interest in grilling, access to butcheries and home improvement chains, and the average cost of meat in the area. We also considered ideal weather conditions for cooking outdoors, among 17 total metrics.

Billings, Montana was the only Montana town to make the list, but they landed at a very respectable 104 out of the 470. Billings got an overall score of 48.75. How did they get that specific score?

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Grilling is somewhat popular in Billings. The ranked towns got a 'popularity' score and Billings got a 322. But what really put Billings on the map (and on this list) was their access to great meat products, the cost of those meat products, and finally an 'outdoor score'. Not surprisingly, Billings got a 15 for their 'Access Ranking'. Which towns rounded out the Top 10?

1 Melbourne FL
2 Santa Fe NM
3 Apple Valley CA
4 Los Angeles CA
5 Orlando FL
6 Knoxville TN
7 Fort Myers FL
8 New Braunfels TX
9 Roanoke VA
10 Hesperia CA


Montana Outlaw BBQ - MT Outlaw Facebook
Montana Outlaw BBQ - MT Outlaw Facebook

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