Sooooo gross, man. The Blue Sky Motel on East Main Street in downtown Bozeman has always been a sketchy dump but now it's official. It's going bye-bye.

The Blue Sky Motel in Bozeman is slated to be leveled. (Justin Sullivan
Getty Images News)

Bed bugs, drugs and dead people. Not exactly the image a motel wants to portray. Sadly, I've always thought that it's prime location next to Lindley Park and about a million bucks could turn the current eye-sore and headline grabber into a super cute, garden style motel that I would actually send my out of town guests.

That has never come to fruition and never will. The Blue Sky Motel is slated to be leveled (no date given as of yet) with a three story office and residential building in the works to replace it.

Adios, Blue Sky Motel. Sadly you won't be missed.