Boise State has placed three fraternities, Pi Kappa Alpa, Delta Sigma Phi, and Kappa Sigma on interim suspension. 18 individuals are also facing the same punishment after violating university policies by hosting large gatherings. The policy was put into place to protect the community from the spread of COVID-19. The fraternities were all alerted of their suspensions on August 28th. According to a Boise State news release, the Dean of Students office will conduct investigations into each of the cases over the next several weeks.

“Keeping campus open, safe and healthy has been our top concern, and we have educated our students about the risks associated with large gatherings. This included specific communication with students in our fraternities and sororities,” said Chris Wuthrich, dean of students. “The majority of our students are doing what is required of all of us — wearing facial coverings, practicing physical distancing and not planning or participating in large gatherings. But, in order to remain open, we must have the cooperation of all of our students. Students who do not comply with university policies and orders will face sanctions, including removal from campus.”

It seems to me that huge parties in general are unfortunately a thing of the past. College parties will never be the same but in the climate we live in now that's probably a good thing. Parties look so dirty to me these days! Whenever I see videos of large people crammed into small spaces, passing around bottles and whatever else, I cringe. I'm also someone who is only a year out of college and it's pretty clear and fresh in my mind just how dirty frat houses already were PRE-COVID! That's a hard pass for me.

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