When you type the question "Any Updates on the Past" instead of "Any Updates on the Pass", you'll be getting the best responses the Gallatin Valley has to offer.

It was a simple question from the Gallatin Valley Road Conditions Facebook group that prompted the funny responses. A minor slip of the keyboard certainly changes the tone of a question, even when every single person knew what the original poster was asking.

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Facebook is quick to jump on such typos with their best shots:

  • The past is like a sled dog race. Unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes.
  • "Let it goooo....Let it GOOOOOO" (you knew that one was coming)
  • Live in a way in which you look forward to remembering the past
  • Don't go back there. Move on from the mistakes and misgivings of the past and focus solely on the future and how you can shape the best version of yourself and others.

You could tell from just the first few responses where this was going and that perhaps they might get even deeper into the weeds. (I was pretty sure NOBODY was going to answer the question we all knew the OP was trying to ask.)

  • New generation is trying to erase it and not learn it.
  • Hindsight’s 20/20
  • No, and I still regret it. Thank you for reminding me.
  • It was challenging for all involved, especially the last couple of years. A virus was sent to the people and chaos ensued. Many lives were lost and fear, greed and turmoil ruled the land.
  • It’s over.
  • I hear that history repeats itself?
  • I pass on the past
  • I heard it’s the exact same as it always was. Could be wrong, but I doubt it.
  • Dwelling on it is a sure way to be late driving home.
  • It was yesterday; it no longer exists.
  • What is world history? I’ll take words that start with “E” for $500….
  • Smoke much refer......bro
  • Don’t dwell?
  • I regret some of the stuff I did in college, but other than that it was OK

The simple lesson is here: Social media deserves a little double-checking and editing before hitting "post". Otherwise, be prepared for your community to give you their honest advice, but in the best way possible.

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