We've got this, Bozeman. Plus there's free stuff from Hoka for everyone who participates and it "runs" October 5th through the 18th. You can run, hike or just walk. Treadmills too!

Who doesn't love a little free swag for doing something you'd happily do anyway? The Bozeman Running Company in downtown Bozeman is putting together this fun challenge against Runner's Edge in Missoula.

It's absolutely free to participate and all you have to do is simply log your miles. (Again, it doesn't matter if you're a runner...walking and hiking miles count also. If you use a treadmill, no problem. Your miles are OK too!)

Hoka brand running shoes is also awarding a pair of new running shoes to one participant in each town, raffle style. (Maybe you can win yourself a pair of MSU Bobcat colored Hokas like mine!)

This is a 14 day challenge...Bozeman vs. Missoula. Who can log the most miles in the 14 days?

LOG YOUR MILES HERE with simply your name, Bozeman Running Company and the number of miles. (You can do it daily or near the end...it doesn't matter. But miles must be logged by 11:59pm on October 18th.

The winner will be announced on Monday, October 19th via social media and on the air with us. The winning STORE will get to wear shirts with winning lingo, while the losing store staff will all wear and post pictures of them wearing loser t-shirts!

The free swag will be available AFTER the challenge. Bozeman Running Company will let participants know when their swag bag is ready.

Bozeman Running Company is located at 132 East Main Street in downtown Bozeman.

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