The Centers for Disease Control is saying this could be the worst flu season ever. All of the news about the nation's flu epidemic sheds light on a new survey that found 75 % of U.S. adults need to increase one simple habit during flu season to greatly reduce their chances of getting it:

The fourth annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corp. found that 75 % of adults don't wash their hands long enough. It is crucial to scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds, especially during flu season. The survey found that most people wash for 5 - 15 seconds (if at all).

The CDC says a good rule of thumb is to wash your hands for two renditions of the "Happy Birthday" song. offers more information about the survey.

Montana has been running behind other states in the number of flu cases, although health officials in Missoula and Flathead counties are reporting an upswing in the number of cases since the first of the keep singing yourself "Happy Birthday" twice while scrubbing those hands good!


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