You've probably had a round or two of crud stream through your workplace already this season. We have too. However, nobody has contracted whatever strain of flu we're supposed to see the season as of yet.

Radio stations are notorious for being germ-y, only because there's a lot of shared equipment involved. Picture answering the request line all day (but sharing that duty with four other people). Or how about the mic itself? It's the most important tool we have, but we all share the same ones.

That's where a cool move comes in. Every single studio/phone/desk/office in our building is fully equipped with germ fighters. We go out at the beginning of the season and buy hand sanitizer, spray Lysol, and special anti-bacterial cloths for the phones and mics. It's up to up to actually clean the stuff.

And we do. The last time I had the flu was about 8 years ago. Thought I was going to die. A grown woman crying on the phone to my mommy who lived 2500 miles away. It was awful and I vowed never to get that sick again. (Yes, I know I have very little control over it but I try.)

Pretty much every single morning you'll find me doing my 5 minute "hose down the MOOSE studio routine. Keyboards, mics, console, phones. All of it. At least that way I know everything is clean before I touch it and start of the broadcasting day. What the other jocks do, I don't know.


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