According to a new survey by Female First, here are the top 10 things men do that annoy women. I also decided to survey the women at our office here and came up with another list. It appears we are pretty annoying:

Top 10 Things Men Do That Annoy Women (according to Female First):

  1. Never admitting you're wrong
  2. Hogging the remote
  3. Passing gas in public...out loud
  4. Refusing to multitask
  5. Snoring
  6. Never doing nice things to surprise her
  7. Not listening
  8. Never doing housework
  9. Staring at other women
  10. Constantly watching sports

The Top 10 Things Men Do That Annoy Women (according to the women at Townsquare Media Bozeman):

  1. Not listening
  2. Opening the fridge and asking where something is immediately (when it's usually right there in front of their face)
  3. Critiquing driving and parking
  4. Chewing tobacco (and leaving residue behind)
  5. Passing gas
  6. Putting everything in the dryer when doing laundry (ruining her clothes)
  7. Leaving piles of clothes in the bedroom
  8. Leaving piles of whatever in the kitchen
  9. Always have to fix a problem (instead of just listening)
  10. Don't like to read instructions

Alright ladies, anything else?