The Gallatin Art Crossing is home to many unique artists hailing from numerous Rocky Mountain towns. Dana Kuglin has been a contributor from early on in the installation and his pieces have become mainstays for the collection. ‘Against the Current’ has been in several locations across installations, currently resting outside the entrance to the downtown library. Kuglin’s most recent contribution is ‘Golden Opportunity’ (see image) a steel golden eagle outside city hall downtown. These pieces have stemmed from Kuglin’s self-starting mentality concerning his work and the space they inhabit alongside a love of natural form.

Kuglin graduated from MSU in 1990 with a BFA in graphic design leading to full time sculpting in 1997. A lover of reconstituted materials and large form sculpture, Dana creates his naturally inspired pieces in conjunction with his client base. Using the foundation of their expectations and the relationship between both ends to form a project from inception to completion, giving each piece a unique weight and presence. Kuglin’s love of large-scale public pieces and collaborative entities makes the Art Crossing a perfect home for an artist already involved the Face of Utah and Art Around the Corner exhibitions in West Valley City and Saint George, Utah respectively. Kuglin still crafts art from his home in Utah and is working on mixed media of glass, steel and recycled materials working to his strengths alongside like minded design teams to improve the artistic world he inhabits.

The Art Crossing exhibit hosts a variety of artwork introducing viewers to many artistic approaches. The goal of the program is to add at least one piece to the permanent collection each year and expand further throughout downtown, hopefully bringing unique works to optimal locations. The entries for this year will be posted on the Art Crossing website and opened for public voting until the installation date. We prefer this level of community involvement and interaction for the art that we are placing for the public’s benefit.  The involved fundraising behind the Crossing incorporates a variety of techniques and entities such as community challenges and the solicitation of individuals and businesses for contributions, not to mention hours of work from the board and volunteers.