In Bozeman, the views are free. Getting around via bus is free. But my favorite free thing to do with guests is to tour the Gallatin Art Crossing sculptures, or better yet, send them on their own for a couple of hours.

No matter where you travel, it's probably one of the first things to check out: what are some cool things you can do for FREE in any given city. It's also important to understand the vibe of a place...what is it really about? What's the downtown like? What's important to the people who live there?

In Bozeman, the Gallatin Art Crossing is a great way to start a visit. (It's also a nice stroll for anyone who lives here who hasn't checked it out in a long time.)

The sculpture park is based at the beautiful Bozeman Public Library but the sculpture tour takes you through most of downtown Bozeman with a lovely 'ending' at the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture.

If you want to walk 'the tour' of the Gallatin Art Crossing, CHECK A FULL ART CROSSING MAP HERE.

The main focus of the organization is to select and place sculptures throughout the Bozeman area.

All sculptures, unless noted on their plaque, are available for purchase during their tenure in the program

An additional goal of the program is to add at least one piece to our permanent public collection each year.

Did you take a tour and wonder what you saw or who was the artist? No problem. All of the sculptures and pieces of art are for sale and you can get the details about the artists HERE.

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