I had some errands to run in Bozeman today. Other than the smoke covering up the mountains it was a pretty uneventful day.

Unfortunately I didn’t see anything offensive on the drive into Bozeman, in Bozeman or anywhere on my way home.

I don’t understand. According to the news there is something offensive on nearly every street corner. What am I missing? Maybe I’m just not paying attention.

What Should I Be Looking For?

Thinking back on my drive I did go into Boze-Man. I guess the “man” is not exactly gender neutral. We need a grass roots effort to change the name to Boze-person, Montana. Or Bozegenderneutral perhaps.

I passed the “Main Street Mall” but since it’s not the only mall in town that name should probably also be changed. It’s hardly the “Main” one.

The “One Of The All Inclusive Equality Malls” might work. A little tough to fit that address on a business card.

“Fast Food” restaurants seem very unfair to the serving speed of other restaurants. I think they should be advertised as “serving food in a reasonable amount of time but not necessarily faster than any other” restaurants.

College Street? Where are High School or Elementary School Streets? What an insult to high school graduates.

Do I even have to mention how offensive North and South Black might be to some citizens?

Now that I really think about it I am so offended that I live in such an uncaring, unfeeling, and uncompassionate city. How could I have even driven into such a vile place?

How have I missed this travesty of justice for so long?

Some Final Thoughts

I'm feeling so guilty that I’ve been unaware of all this. I guess I’ve been preoccupied with mundane things like jobs, middle class tax cuts, healthcare for all, education, Korea, and infrastructure that I failed to notice these despicable actions taking place in my own hometown right under my nose.

No more will I sit dormant on the sidelines. I am going to jump into the game. I'm going to  the nearest fast food restaurant and chastise them soundly for bringing my food too fast. What hypocrites. This cannot stand.

You might not recognize me — I'll be the one in all black wearing the mask so no one can see how totally stupid I am.

Who’s WITH ME?

Comments below.


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