After the Dave Matthews Band played in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. this weekend (June 8 and 9), more than 200 ants — er, concertgoers — marched into the arms of law enforcement, where they received tickets and citations for what a local paper is referring to as “a smattering of misdemeanors.”

But all in all, considering the shows drew more than 50,000 people and previous years have ended with far more serious offenses on the books — including a sexual assault and a fatal DUI — officials are calling the weekend a success. “In past years, the Dave Matthews Band concerts have resulted in serious felony cases,” noted the local D.A., admitting, “We were kind of holding our breath.”

“The general consensus is that it went very smoothly,” added New York State Parks spokesman Dan Keefe.

According to reports, the state police handed out 121 tickets and made 17 arrests, with most of the offenses coming in expected areas (underage drinking, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct). Police say only one concertgoer proved “uncooperative,” darting into ‘The Space Between’ her fellow DMB fans after officers took her ID.

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