My wife and I came across this bread awhile back that we both love called Dave's Killer Bread. We used to find it at Albertson's, but they quickly stopped carrying it. Rosauers had it for a small amount of time before, yet again, this heavenly bread was taken from us. When I recently found the killer stuff again at the new Safeway in town I seriously yelled out loud in sheer joy.

Dave's Bread

There it was, a whole section of various Dave's Killer Bread. I swear a light from above was shining down on it. I bought 4 or 5 loaves just in case Safeway was planning to employ the same dirty tactics found at Albertson's and Rosauers (so far so good). Dave makes all kinds of delicious bread and somehow it's really good for you too! There's a Blues Bread, a Powerseed, a Robust Raisin, and plenty of others. All organic and all delicious (did I mention that already?)

This amazing bread is made in Oregon. Montana is one of the eight fortunate states it is currently available in. Do yourself a favor and pick it up, just look for the cartoon picture of Dave (he's got long hair, a moustache, and is rockin out on a guitar). You can find a store locator on his website and also read about Dave's inspirational life story. He's an ex-con who left prison and turned his life around. It appears he is now only devoted to making killer bread. Check out

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