You've got one of these boards on your kitchen table too, right? I have neither the time nor the patience for Safeway's Monopoly game but apparently my subconscious can't resist. Montana HAS HAD some big winners so far, BTW.

Sure, I've won a few free bagels, a Red Bull, a loaf of bread and a free yogurt on the instant win coupons, but I've yet to win anything on the board. (In fact, I'm off sometime today to redeem the instant win "2 free Monopoly Tickets" to perpetuate this sweepstakes hell.

HOWEVER, I still have a huge stack of teeny tiny game pieces to sort through. That's where I lose interest and will probably fail at winning anything that isn't "instant."

If you're being diligent about YOUR Safeway Monopoly board playing, have faith that it just might pay off. Several folks from our area have already won some pretty big prizes.

$1,000 Grocery Gift Card

  • Billings, MT
  • Helena, MT
  • McCall, ID
  • Potomac, MT

$5,000 CASH in Belgrade, MT by "Bonita M"

$10,000 Family Vacation in Hailey, ID by "Danielle E"

$20,000 College Tuition in Mountain Home, ID by "Glen S"

Best of luck to you if you've found yourself "in too deep to quit now." I know how that feels. At least I scored a few bagels out of the deal!

Monopoly Board - Michelle Wolfe
Monopoly Board - Michelle Wolfe

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