I spent a rainy Saturday with my bag of corn gluten meal from Planet Natural in hopes of preventing weeds before they sprout.

My lawn was in SORRY shape a year ago and still has a way to go in my quest of making it picture perfect.

Hear me out....even though I'd love a commercial worthy green lawn, I've made myself a promise to be as organic and chemical free as possible with any landscape improvements.

Timing is everything when using corn gluten meal as a "weed killer". It's crucial that you get it on the healthy lawn VERY EARLY before any seed sprouts. That's how it does it's thing....it doesn't allow seeds (of any kind) to germinate.

Needless to say, you don't want to use this natural product on a lawn you're trying to re-seed or even patch seed. Corn gluten meal will NOT HARM an existing lawn. In fact, it's 10% nitrogen so it should work as a natural fertilizer.

I'll keep you posted on the dandelion scene. My guess is that this is about the last week that this technique will be effective dandelion control as I did actually spot a few popping up. However, if I can control them significantly this season I'll call it a chemical free win!


Chemical free corn gluten meal from Planet Natural in Bozeman