Here's something to ponder.  If someone tells you that they don't want something, should you give them something anyway?

I mean, and maybe it's because I'm a guy and I use guy logic, but if someone tells me they don't want something, I'm assuming that they are being honest and upfront with me and I'm going to honor their wishes, that makes sense, right?

Apparently, that might not be the case.

My wife's birthday was over the weekend and other than a Birthday Card, I didn't get her anything.  Now, before you judge me for being a horrible husband and human being, keep this in mind, she told me not to get her anything.  So, I didn't.

Well, that's not entirely true, we did go on a road trip to Billings on Saturday because she wanted to check out a couple of places over there, so I mean, I paid for the gas there and back.  So that's kind of a gift right? Plus, I bought lunch.  So, technically, she got a card, dinner, AND a trip.

That seems like a decent gift, right?

I mean if someone said, "Hey, I want to take you on a Cruise for your birthday" you would be excited. It just so happens that our "cruise" was to Billings, rather than someplace tropic with beaches. Although, lets be honest the Bozeman Pass can be breathtaking, so you can add beautiful scenery to the list as well.

The more I think about it, the more it looks like I knocked this out of the park. Did I mention the Birthday Card was one of those 8 dollar fancy ones with the glitter and the pop up thingy when you open it. You know, what I'm taking about, the kind you buy when you care enough to give the very best?

Colorful birthday cake with golden happy birthday banner and falling sprinkles

Yep, husband of the year, right here.

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