I must find it. Seems like a simple Google search would find it somewhere in Toole County, right? Nope. This video by Clint Post has me wanting to see this gem for myself.

Toole County, Montana has plenty of small lakes but I couldn't pinpoint ANY that are actually called Toole Lake. Here's what I did find on Google Maps:

Google Maps
Google Maps

You'll notice that none of them are called Toole Lake. But take a look at this gorgeous video by Clint Post that I found on VIMEO. Short, simple, stunning drone footage. Do you by CHANCE know where this might be?

Shelby, MT is the county seat of Toole County and has a population of about 3,000 people. (Toole County has a total population of about 4,900 so the bulk of those folks are in Shelby.)

You may have passed through Toole County if you've ever been up to Alberta, Canada. It's right on the U.S./Canadian border. The county was formed in 1914 from pieces of Hill County and Teton County.

30 square miles of Toole County is water. You can see from the Google Map above that it has plenty of bodies of water, none of which are terribly big. Sometimes smaller lakes are the most beautiful, hence my desire to find the one in this video.

The drone video was shot in a way that I did not see any roads or trails surrounding the lake area. So let me know if you're familiar with the area or know which lake is the one they call "Toole Lake"! Thanks for your help!

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