If you need a few moments of video Zen, let us hook you up with this quick peek into the lives of foxes and pika around Yellowstone Park.

What's a pika? You may not have seen one before as they're quick little rodent-looking animals that like their privacy. According to Wikipedia:

Pikas are small mammals, with short limbs and rounded ears. They are about 15 to 23 centimeters in body length and weigh between 120 and 350 grams.

Like rabbits, after eating they initially produce soft green feces, which they eat again to take in further nutrition, before producing the final, solid, fecal pellets.

Wow. Gross. But they're cute.

I was surprised to learn these little guys live an average of seven years in the wild and they DON'T hibernate during the winter. They spend their summer months gathering food that they store for the colder months.

I thought for sure the fox would devour the pika family for lunch but that wasn't the case...AND there's a special animal appearance at the end. (I won't spoil that part.)

Jere Folgert has created some very cool outdoor, animal related videos from our area. I'll share more of his work soon! (Thank you, Jere, for all your hard work. It's beautiful.)

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