For the most part, restaurants and bars in the Bozeman area make the food safety grade with flying colors. However, it's pretty interesting to find the few who don't. starting making their restaurant inspections available online several years ago.

  • It's absolutely worth your time to look up the places you frequent to make sure they're doing a good job as keeping you SAFE, not just full.
  • The index of establishments includes all of Gallatin County so you can search all the way down to Big Sky and West Yellowstone.

You'll find things like this:

  • OBSERVATIONS: Ground meat stored above whole muscle meat and raw seafood. Also, raw trout stored above buns.
  • OBSERVATIONS: Flour and rice products, once opened, need to be placed in a closed, covered, rodent-proof container.
  • OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Today there was chicken that was at 49.0F. This product was voluntarily discarded by the kitchen manager.


If you have any questions, you can always contact:

Environmental Health Services
215 West Mendenhall, Rm 108, Bozeman
(406) 582-3120

Geri Lavrov, Photographer's Choice RF