For the most part, restaurants and bars in the Bozeman area make the food safety grade with flying colors. However, it's pretty interesting to find the few who don't.

  • It's absolutely worth your time to look up the places you frequent to make sure they're doing a good job as keeping you SAFE, not just full.
  • The index of establishments includes all of Gallatin County so you can search all the way down to Big Sky and West Yellowstone.

You'll find things like this:

  • OBSERVATIONS: Ground meat stored above whole muscle meat and raw seafood. Also, raw trout stored above buns.
  • OBSERVATIONS: Flour and rice products, once opened, need to be placed in a closed, covered, rodent-proof container.
  • OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Today there was chicken that was at 49.0F. This product was voluntarily discarded by the kitchen manager.


If you have any questions, you can always contact:

Environmental Health Services
215 West Mendenhall, Rm 108, Bozeman
(406) 582-3120

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