I've lived a blessed life thus far. Never have I gone to bed hungry or cold. What a spoiled life. Bozeman, Montana gets freakin' COLD in the winter. The Warming Center needs your help this Saturday.

Thank you, MOOSE listeners, for letting me raise Hell when it starts getting REALLY cold around here and the Warming Center isn't open yet. It's not their fault. Of course, it's a budgeting and funding process.


You'll be seeing "flying signs" all over town where you can pull over and donate what you can. Your spare change. A few bucks. Whatever you deem appropriate.

Know that whatever money you contribute will go to the Bozeman Warming Center and you can feel good about assisting men, women AND CHILDREN who don't have a warm, safe place to sleep.

On a personal note, I know several gentlemen who use the Bozeman Warming Center each year. They are dedicated citizens of our community who know and see things most of us do not. They report crime. They help others in need. They fend for themselves. They come say 'hi" to me on a regular basis and we chat about what's happening often over coffee. They never look for a hand-out.

Being cold, in the elements, in the winter in Bozeman because you have nowhere else to go is a fixable problem. PLEASE - donate what you can this Saturday.

Thank you. From all of us at 95-1 "The MOOSE".



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