With The Butterfly 'Cowgirl' Ball coming up this Sunday, and Father's Day the following Sunday, I thought I would share some heartfelt wisdom I found pertaining to the relationship between father and daughter. Harry H. Harrison Jr is the bestselling co-author of a book series focused on parenting. Here are some important, yet simple, words of wisdom that should always be remembered and nurtured in the father-daughter relationship:

In Harrison Jr's book, Father To Daughter: Life Lessons on Raising a Girl, he says the father-daughter relationship is a special bond that starts in early childhood and shapes how a young woman views males. It's a special relationship that should be forever nurtured. Here are a few things dads of girls should never forget:

  • Ask her about her day every day. Share her wonder.
  • Be prepared to be amazed by her accomplishments
  • Always remember that the most sacred thing shared between father and daughter is trust
  • Teach her not to be afraid of boys, but to challenge them

Harry co-authors the book with his wife Melissa. They have two grown children.

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