Very recently I talk about how there have been some amazing books set here in Montana, but there also has been some amazing films as well filmed in the Big Sky State. I mean, our scenery can't be matched anywhere and it's just breathtaking. Of course most of the films here are Westerns but there are some other films that are just dramas that you might not know about. Here are my Top Five Films set in Montana.

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    Open Range

    This film is amazing. It's a great western with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall set in 1880's Montana and it shows the great scenery as well. There are great bits of comedy, action and heart throughout the film. Plus, it has many recognizable faces from Annette Bening, Diego Luna (Rogue One:A Star Wars Story) and Michael Gambon (Harry Potter franchise) as the villain.

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    A River Runs Through It

    Based off of the book of the same name set in Missoula, Montana and starring Brad Pitt this film tells the story about two sons and their relationship with their father. Set also in the early 1910's as well you get the beautiful scenery of the Blackfoot River. This was also directed and narrated by Robert Redford.

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    Legends of the Fall

    Another film starring Brad Pitt this film is set during World War I and through the Prohibition Era outside of Helena, Montana. This film also stars Anthony Hopkins and was nominated for three Academy Awards. People usually recognize this film as when Brad Pitt rocked long hair.

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    Knockaround Guys

    This film isn't very well known but it has a crazy, incredible cast and is mostly set in the small town of Wibeaux, Montana. This film stars Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Dennis Hopper, John Malkovich, and Barry Pepper and is a crime story. The story is pretty much about how a missing bag of money was stolen and when the bag tries to get recovered bad things happen. Not the smartest story but pretty fun.

  • 5

    The Horse Whisperer

    Another film directed by Robert Redford and also starring him is based off the book of the same name as well. This film also stars Chris Cooper and a young Scarlett Johansson. The film is gorgeous but it may put you asleep as well.

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