Did you catch it last week? The Architect's Wife parking lot on Babcock serves as the location of Food Truck Fridays in downtown Bozeman (just West of S. Willson and Babcock).

I didn't have a chance to stop last Friday but I did SEE Food Truck Friday. Nothing fancy but a cool idea, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Get a few different options together in one location each Friday. Details aren't clear as to how long this will last or what the protocol is for BEING a food truck at Food Truck Friday.

I'm fairly certain that The Architect's Wife is calling the shots on this one, so I'd give them a call if you have questions at 406-577-2000.

Food Truck Fridays in Bozeman
Food Truck Fridays in Bozeman


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