Bozeman folks have the best of both worlds: easy access to the outdoors AND easy access to some of the best avalanche education tools in the country. Our Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center exists to keep us safe and the amount of education they supply is amazing.

Avalanche education isn't just for hard core back country skiers or snowmobilers. When we head out for a day of fun, the snow does not care what activity we're enjoying. Walking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, etc... It just doesn't matter.

  • Online classes/tutorials
  • What should be in your back pack EVERY time you head outdoors?
  • Weather conditions specific to our area
  • Daily avalanche reports

IF YOU LIKE TO HEAD OUT, GET EDUCATED FOR FREE with basic avalanche education. The GNFAC holds classes, supplies online tools and gives daily snow condition updates for nearly 6,000 square miles surrounding Bozeman. Amazing, right?

The GNFAC has links to the best online resources for avalanche education. So, in addition to signing up for a class and/or some basic field training you can begin to understand avalanche safety from the comfort of your couch.

Subscribe to the GNFAC's YouTube channel HERE (they're the "Avalanche Guys")


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