One of the coolest qualities about Bozeman is the art. From painting and sculptures to poets and musicians, our local artists encapsulate the soul of Bozeman and life downtown. The MOOSE 95.1 would like to share the stories behind the creators and their work.

Amanda Stewart, our first featured artist, sprung onto the Bozeman music scene seemingly out of nowhere with the band Holocene. The subtle nuances of her vocal skills will leave you with chills.

Holocene's original song, "Up All Night."

Amanda started her music life by singing karaoke with her mom at six.

"We would sing a bunch of old Patsy Cline," Amanda said. She followed her impromptu karaoke lessons by joining choirs. At the age of 12, her dad gave her a guitar. Shortly after, he passed away.

"I have a hard time getting out what I want to say," Amanda said. "I write more sad stuff than I do happy stuff, because the sad stuff is harder to get out... It's easier to sing it out."

"I started teaching myself songs on the guitar that I wanted to sing... I moved on to the viola and the piano, but instruments were always to accompany myself singing because that's what I always wanted."

At 23 years old Amanda says she does not want to give up everything for music.

"It's not something I'm going to quit my life for... and that worries me" she said.

Amanda found the band on Craigslist. First, she found Xan a "goofy 20-year-old awesome guitar player," she said. Amanda hit it off immediately with Xan, and after only two open mics, they decided to bring in a drummer.

Once again, they turned to Craigslist and found JD. A middle-aged father, JD works at Oracle during the day, and "likes to jam out in his spare time," Amanda said. Shortly after, their band, called Holocene, was formed.

Levi Worts

Holocene writes music based on the experiences of their entire lives.

"When we write songs, it's about what's happened in our lives."

If you want to know more about Amanda and Holocene, you can check them out on Facebook, find them at the Eagles every other Wednesday for open mic night, or check them out live on April 25 at The Mint in Belgrade.

Holocene will be the last gig for The Mint before it closes the doors, so grab some drinks, some good food and listen to a kickass live performance.

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