After closing a few select trails because of grizzly bear activity this past weekend, officials at Glacier National Park have reopened the Highline, Loop, and the closed portion of Swiftcurrent Pass Trail.

All of these areas are currently posted for "bear frequenting."

In most cases, the posting for "bear frequenting" means that repeated observations or confirmed reports of bears in short intervals exist in those areas.

Following a day of patrol on Monday, and a night of observations, no further bear sightings have occurred, according to park officials.


Despite the trails reopening, the Granite Park Backcountry Campground remains closed.

On Sunday, officials closed the above mentioned trails, noting that "the bear or bears exhibited behavior consistent with being disturbed and frustrated by human presence."

“We appreciate the public’s patience while we evaluate this situation,” said Glacier National Park Superintendent Jeff Mow. “The park has a proactive bear management program, and we take reports of aggressive bear behavior very seriously.”

People can monitor trail status by visiting the park’s Trail Status webpage.

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