A resident of Whitefish, Montana shared pictures of a large grizzly bear using a structure on her property as a scratch post, and the pictures are surprisingly adorable.

Pooping Bear
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Grizzly bear sightings are fairly common in Montana, and every once in a while, the bears will wander out of the woods and into more populated areas. It's best to keep your distance from grizzlies and other forms of wildlife at all times.

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Massive Grizzly Bear Gets in a Good Scratch Before Taking a Nap

On Monday, local business owner and Whitefish resident Jamie Goguen shared pictures of a large grizzly bear on her property on her Facebook page. When we say large grizzly, we're not kidding. It was absolutely massive.

Our old generator storage structure on Montana’s eastern front has become Brutus’s personal scratch tree. Then he took a nap.

Goguen also asked her followers on social media if they could guess how much the bear weighed. We reached out to Goguen for more details, but haven't received a response. However, we can show you the pictures.

When I first saw the pictures, it reminded me of the scene from the movie The Jungle Book where Baloo uses a tree to scratch his back. If you haven't seen the movie, you can watch the scene below.

The best part is that after the grizzly bear got done using the structure to scratch its back, it laid down to take a nap. That's definitely a mood. Maybe we have more in common with bears than we think.

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