Livingston police are telling people to be on the alert for a phone scam where a caller identifies himself as a local sheriff’s deputy. The caller then tells the target that he or she has failed to comply with a jury summons and is subject to arrest. The suspect then will give a judges name and provide a warrant number. He then will let the target know the bond amount, in this case $1000.

The target is directed to place the money on separate $500 google play cards as there is a kiosk at the courthouse that will except this card. The scam is sophisticated enough that the “deputy” will transfer the call to another person “the judge” and then back again. The "deputy" provides info such as old phone numbers or addresses to make it more credible.

Please be aware, no law enforcement agency will ask you to pay any fines over the phone nor will they ever ask you to use any type of gift card.

If you receive a call of this type, please do not pay them anything and contact your local law enforcement.

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