Very simple. Don't allow your doors to fall into disrepair to the point where the outside crawls in! Huge power bill? Get a free energy audit from NorthWestern Energy. Here's how:

If your energy bills have been outta sight this winter, consider getting a free energy audit from NorthWestern Energy. There are only a few requirements to get one, so if you DO qualify....why not?

You'll get recommendations on weatherization and perhaps free installation of things like low-flow faucets and water heater wraps! (Very nice for someone who may not be very handy.)

Eligibility: Residential customers whose space and/or water heating fuels are delivered by NorthWestern Energy, who have not had an E+ audit in the past and whose home is at least 5 years old are eligible for an on-site energy audit. Other qualifications may apply. Funding is limited.

How to Sign Up: For an on-site energy audit, call (800) 823-5995.

That's frost on the INSIDE!
That's frost on the INSIDE!

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