Instead of giving something up, I'm going to add all sorts of healthy foods to my life until Easter and see how I feel. 

Easter falls on Sunday, April 4th this year. No problem. I can do just about anything for a month and a half. But I will admit, I'm not much of a things UP is not something I'm particularly good at.

So, my plan is this: In order to jump start a bit of a healthier lifestyle, I'm going to prepare and eat as many veggies as possible. Don't get me wrong, we eat vegetables around here but not nearly enough. There's always carrots and salad around but sometimes that's it. No more.

I'll prepare and eat the veggies FIRST at every meal or snack time. In fact, I've got cauliflower roasting in the oven as I type. NEVER did I think I could be that person who would snack on roasted cauliflower but my friend Courtney showed me the light.

She was over not too long ago and shared some of hers that she had made the night before. Hesitant doesn't quite describe my emotion, but I tried it, literally to just be polite. Turns out that stuff is DELICIOUS. How does that boring white crap turn into a savory, flavorful, altered work of food art? Who knew? Am I the only one that didn't?

Veggies first, then whatever else we were planning to eat. The guy is not a huge vegetable fan. He probably won't be joining me on this "Veggies First" life change. No prob. I'll try to fill up during the day on healthy stuff then join him in a very light portion of whatever dinner end up being.

THE GOAL? Find the easiest, quickest way to feel better and theoretically get healthier. I don't plan on giving up anything that I already love, even the semi-naughty foods. But if you fill up on veggies FIRST, there's only so much room for the garbage, right?

I'll let you know how it goes and what the results are, right after Easter. Here goes nothing!

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