I woke up today with a nice and balmy weather condition of -13f. Like a lot of Bozeman residents, I keep my house on the cooler side of 62f to be eco friendly and coexist with my tree hugging, slacklining, Jack Johnson loving and Birkenstock/Chaco wearing hippie friends. That being said, when its cold outside, I usually wear a hoodie and sometimes even the "Snuggie".....Yes, I have one. However, two days ago my friend Lincoln introduced me to possibly the greatest creation since facebook or the internet or the "Snuggie" and its called the "Thuggie".

It's a hoodie that is literally 5 feet in length and is so steezy that I must have one. I propose this: If there is someone out there that is willing to send me one of these fine and dashing items, not only will I wear it at home, but on day 1, I'll wear it the entire work day and send you photos of me in it giving people high fives, slapping people on the behind while saying "good game"  and eating nachos.

I'll even feature it on facebook and tag you for being such an awesome person and sending me the greatest creation EVER! To hell with the "Snuggie" I'm getting a "Thuggie".

UPDATE: The guys at Thuggie responded to this post and sent us a FREE Thuggie and a little Chuggie along with it. I'm slacking a bit on getting the above promised photos but I did rock it around the office on several occasions. Below is a photo of our website editor and his Cube after he jacked the Thuggie from me out of jealousy one chili afternoon.

Thuggie Cube

My address is;

Town Square Media ATTN: Tate Chamberlin

125 W. Mendenhall

Bozeman, Montana 59715

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