Trust me. You DO NOT want to get any of that yellow curb paint on your tires. I did, and ended up cleaning yellow reflective stuff off my tires for a year and a half.

Crews have already begun the long process of repainting intersection markings, crosswalks and the bright yellow curb sections.

It's tough to give a proper schedule, as the painting and curbing is obviously weather dependent.

Intersection markings will be coned off for a few hours while they dry, so do your best to avoid driving over any fresh paint. (Trust me, it's in your best interest. ESPECIALLY if you notice freshly painted yellow/orange curbing. That stuff will stick to the walls of your tires FOREVER.)

City crews do a great job of getting intersections and crosswalks done quite quickly.

However, please note that major roads in residential areas (think Highland Blvd or College) take a significant amount of time and will require very large, slow moving trucks.

Pay attention to flaggers, slow down and give everyone plenty of room to do their job safely.