Ever since I was a kid, I remember both my mom and dad telling me "Make sure to keep the sink trickling!" in our trailer houses. I made the mistake of turning my dad's off once when I was a kid... and as you know how 90's parents can be, he wasn't very pleased with me.

So, what are the best ways to prevent frozen pipes this frigid Montana winter? State Farm helpfully shared their best tips to prevent them, and here are my Top 5:

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#5: Insulate Your Pipes

Pipe insulation for exposed pipes on trailer houses, motorhomes, and campers is extremely valuable in freezing temperatures. Even in your standard home, the pipes in your attic and/or crawl space should be insulated. TheSpruce has a great tutorial on how to get it done.

#4: Heat Tape or Cables

Thermostatically-controlled heat cables can be used to wrap pipes, but be sure to use the product designed for the space... be it indoor or outdoor... and ones specifically designed for the application.

#3: Winterization

For those in mobile homes, RVs, and other mobile units... there is a flurry (pun intended) of products available to keep heat IN, and that nasty cold out. Plus, look for air leaks around outlets... windows... doors... vents, and pipes that need to be sealed.

#2: Open Cabinet Doors

You'd be surprised how well a simple cabinet door can keep cold IN, and the heat out, causing the pipe to freeze below your sink or appliance.

#1: Keep The Water Dripping

The best way to keep anything from freezing is simply to keep it flowing. Now, in extreme cold, this won't help much (see last winter, 60 below zero), but it certainly MIGHT save you a bunch of headaches. Just a small trickle of water will do the trick.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have any special tricks to keep your pipes going in the winter? Have you had a hard time this year so far? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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