Do you think astrology is complete and utter nonsense or does it hold some cosmic weight? Do you think horoscopes are silly yet still check them anyway? I like to sometimes check mine and if I can find some enlightenment in that day's reading, something maybe I can strive for that day, it's a win. Call it motivation, a little daily challenge, or something to do.

I call today's reading awesome! I'm a Capricorn and according to Yahoo, my daily overview for May, 17, 2011 is "Put impressing others at the bottom of your list of priorities. Act for yourself." I'll take that Yahoolary today, I need a me day. Maybe I don't deserve it, but it's in the stars. O.k., maybe that wasn't exactly a good example of something to strive for but they don't all have to be motivational. I guess horoscopes can be used as another tool to help you think differently (for better or worse).

I happen to believe that horoscopes are nonsense. I mean I just can't accept that because two people were born within the same 1 month time frame their destinies are somehow interlinked. But call me a hopless something, I will still check my horoscope from time to time and try to somehow use it to make sense of this crazy thing we call life.

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