Look at me. Don't I look happy bringing this new adorable puppy home for the first time? It looks like I don't even realize I have a 2-year-old human (with another one on the way in about two months), another dog, and a cat at home already. I'll post another picture of me in three months. Wish me luck?

We recently lost our beloved bulldog, Fiona, to cancer. The last few months have been so hard for us as we had to watch the disease take our girl from us. It's also been a lot of hard work for my very pregnant wife, who was primarily left with the daunting task of maintaining a quality of life for her (as I work full-time). The only saving grace here is the burden that will now be lifted. My wife can now rest and find peace in the calmer waters...or so I thought. Apparently we need Class 5 Rapids in our household.

I tried to adhere to a sense of sensibility in this matter, but my wife would hear none of it. Our emptier house would not let her heal, a deep sadness now filled that void as a constant reminder. New life could not come soon enough. My wife wasn't concerned about anything else, such as the inevitable impending chaos. This is one of the things I love about her. She's my Whitewater Class 5 Guide down this crazy river we call life. I feel very fortunate to have her in our boat. Life is good.


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