I've been on this experiential binge lately on how to make the little things in life way better. I was backpacking through Europe a few years back with my family and its turned to tradition that when we hit a village we sit at a cafe and enjoy a Fanta or Coke. A wee lad at the time, I drank the delicious beverage to quench my thirst and not for the taste, an error that is common for children ages 5-25.

My big sister and her wisdom told me to order a water with it and quench my thirst before I enjoy the taste.


Kudos on that one.  Until recently I believed that it was the best taste but it was trumped by the wonderful taste of my friend Dr. Pepper. He even got his degree.

Are you ready for the best tasting glass of refreshness ever?  Here is what you need; Two cups full of ice, one full of water and one full of Dr. Pepper.  DO NOT USE A STRAW. Make sure that you have adequately quenched your thirst before you take your first sip of ice cold water, followed shortly by that refreshing taste of awesomeness.  Yeah, taste that deliciousness going down your throat, then share it with your friends.

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